APS GERMANO ACOUSTICS AEON 2 BASS EXTENDER is the result of a collaboration between APS and the famous Germano Studios from New York. It was designed to complement the Aeon 2 monitors in order to achieve a perfectly tuned three-way system.

Full control of the panning across the entire acoustic range

Deep, detailed and powerful bass, in a small size

Phase and frequency perfectly aligned with Aeon 2 monitors



Aeon 2 Bass Extenders fully match Aeons 2 monitors in terms of their electroacoustic performance, dimensions, and controllers.
They are designed specifically for Aeon 2.
All three settings: ROLL-OFF, PASSIVE, ACTIVE can be used. Each one of them will provide the appropriate coupling with the Aeon2, making the setup easy and straight forward.
Thanks to the use of amplifiers with impressive 800W power (two units combined) and powerful magnetic circuits, we managed to achieve very deep, detailed and powerful bass. This system is characterised by high efficiency and extremely low distortion.
When designing the Aeon 2 Bass Extender, we made sure that it is perfectly tuned in phase and frequency with the Aeon 2 monitors.
We applied an innovative solution in the construction of the bass-reflex, allowing to minimise unwanted turbulences.
Two extenders located next to the monitors solve the problem of locating a subwoofer in the studio once and for all.
Strictly speaking, the Aeons 2 + Aeon 2 Bass Extenders pair create a three-way compact stereo system for full audio bandwidth.


AEON 2 BASS EXTENDERS are available in any color. It is possible to order either matt or glossy versions. We can customize the speaker to any finish available on the market based on client's request. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.