COAX is a perfect tool for precise stereo image control, making work on panning and spatial effects a breeze. Despite its small size it had proven to be a great tool for tracking instruments where its razor like stereo image proved very useful.

High-quality components and our no-compromise made in Europe approach to construction make COAX a proud heir to its great predecessors. Outstanding stereo imaging, punchy low end, extremely at frequency response and high SPL level handling, coupled with the by now famous APS custom finishes make it the obvious choice for all those looking for a great sounding, gorgeous looking near-field coaxial monitor.

Single point sound source with coaxial driver

Closed cabinet for precise and punchy low end

Perfect stereo image

Precisely calibrated and matched pairs


Coax is an active two-way monitor equipped with a coaxial loudspeaker and two independent power amplifiers for each speaker mounted on the rear panel of the enclosure, as well as a suitable set of precise controls, inputs and protections.

The coaxial loudspeaker used in Coax is manufactured by the world-renowned Norwegian company SEAS.

Monitor has a solidly constructed enclosure of a closed type. The small size and thick walls of the enclosure make the speakers and Coax electronics mounted in an extremely rigid construction. The edges of the cabinet have been rounded to reduce reflections and improve sound quality. The internal enclosure wall, completely separating the electronic module from the loudspeaker chamber, provides significant reinforcement to the entire structure, eliminating excessive vibrations of the monitor enclosure's side walls.


All our speakers are available in any color or natural wooden finish. In both cases it is possible to order either matt or polished versions. We can customize the speaker to any finish available on the market based on client's request. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.


What these awesome people have to say!

I love my little yellow APS, always good to check music on them to be sure. I love them as a second opinion, use them every day.

Robert Babicz

Producer, mastering engineer

Coax truly be called a surgical instrument - the slightest response immediately starts to itch over the ear and makes us work even harder to remove all unwanted frequencies from instruments in mix.

Oleg Yershov

Yorshoff - Founder

When composing or mixing my work I always put a great importance in stereo image and perfect reflection of ambience's - APS Coax gave me all I need.

Mack Górski

Drummer and Composer