APS GERMANO ACOUSTICS AEON 2 is the brainchild of a collaboration between APS and the famous Germano Studios from New York. This monitor combines all our expertise in the field of sound. We designed it with the utmost care for every detail to create the perfect tool for professionals. The AEON 2 monitor includes perfectly tuned amplitude and phase characteristics, high-end transducers and excellent, high power amplifiers with minimal distortions.

Utmost fidelity, detail and dynamics

Clear sound stage, ambience and presence

Faithfully reproduced full frequency range with fast and precise bass

Further developed electroacoustically with highest quality amplifiers


The AEON 2 features two unique Class AB amplifiers designed to deliver power to the speakers with very low non-linear distortions at both low and high sound levels. They are fitted with an extremely efficient power supply, providing enough power even at the highest SPL.
The High Definition soft dome tweeter with a wide surround combines high frequency dispersion of a 3/4” dome with low frequency characteristics of a 1” dome. Large ferrite magnet ensures high efficiency, good transient response​ and low distortions​.
The custom made,​ ​high-fidelity long throw woofer/midrange unit with a hard cellulose cone is fitted with a strong, perfectly optimized magnetic circuit to ensure minimal distortions and provide excellent transient response and high dynamics.
Perfectly tuned box and midwoofer along with special spectral shaping plus the two mentioned, unique Class AB power amplifiers, allow to achieve a sound, usually associated with much bigger high-fidelity studio monitors.
Sophisticated electronic systems ensure faithful signal transfer from the monitor’s input stage into the ears of sound engineer, maintaining all the original characteristics of audio material.
Instead of the usual backlit logo, a white glow at the rear of the monitor indicates that the unit is on.
AEON 2 plays loud and with no distortions - it's a precision tool for professionals!


AEON 2 monitors are available in any color. It is possible to order either matt or glossy versions. We can customize the speaker to any finish available on the market based on client's request. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.