The new kid in town. We designed Klasik with the goal of putting fun back into the mix, while keeping true to our founding mission – making no-compromise, highly precise studio monitors. Klasik is a nearfield monitor with an exceptionally flat phase and amplitude response.

Flat amplitude and phase response

Precisely calibrated and matched pairs

Excellent directional response

Exceptionally wide frequency response


It is a no-compromise fusion of craftsmanship and sonic precision. We have achieved this by obtaining a very smooth SPL amplitude and phase. By using a very light, 19mm tweeter dome we managed not only to achieve detail in the upper range of Klasik but also to provide excellent directional response.

Thanks to a 7-inch woofer supporting a very powerful and technologically advanced magnetic circuit Klasik offers a very precise and fast bass and mediums, very useful for precise EQ work. Its active crossover was designed to the highest standard.


All our speakers are available in any color or natural wooden finish. In both cases it is possible to order either matt or polished versions. We can customize the speaker to any finish available on the market based on client's request. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.


What these awesome people have to say!

I'm really satisfied of the results we obtained and the Klasik stunned us in the room, I decided to rely on them only - to see - and I was amazed that first export was already the good one with perfect reproducibility on every system we tried the master is amazingly coherent anywhere. In that setup, I preferred the detail of Klasik, but was happy to switch to Aeons for LOOUUD control. And the switch from one to the other is seamless, it's different but so coherent.

Cedric-Olivier Courmont


Massive thanks to APS Speakers for hooking me up with a sub to go with my Klasiks. Sounds killer... Punchy and fat!