Klasik’s history began in early 2015 when we presented active studio monitor called Klasik, which quickly began to appear in recording studios and home recording systems around the world, setting quality standards for near-field monitors available at a reasonable price.

Klasik became the basic working tool for a huge group of sound engineers, who shared their experience and insights into the product with us. We decided to use the gathered knowledge and after five years of Klasik’s presence in our offer it was time for a change.

For 12 months we worked on its new, improved version – Klasik 2020. The result of our cooperation with users is very satisfactory. We have developed an active studio monitor which is a development of the concept contained in the Klasik – uncompromising sound quality available at a reasonable price.

Class AB power amplifiers with field transistors

Analogue crossover with STAGE system

Special midwoofer design

Paired monitors with accuracy of +/- 0.25 dB


We designed and created monitor that:
- sounds even more natural,
- has a clearer and more transparent midrange,
- plays bass with more control and precision,
- has a more practical adjustments of bass depth,
- plays the sound material with less non-linear distortion,
- allows for higher sound levels of SPLmax,
- is equipped with an optical LED override indicator of the power tip "clipping",
- whole acoustic band has more dynamics.

We have achieved the above mentioned advantages through:
- optimization of mid-bass speaker operation in a larger enclosure volume, both in terms of diaphragm excursion as well as currents and electromagnetic fields associated with the speaker coil,
- introduction of controlled acoustic loss, which results in recreating the advantages of a closed enclosure, while maintaining the advantages of a bass-reflex enclosure,
- complete redesign of the bass-reflex port,
- new solutions for bass equalization,
- stiffening of the speaker enclosure and mechanical construction of the electronics,
- increase by 33% the power of the tweeter and mid-bass circuit amplifiers, while optimising amplifiers for a larger volume of enclosure and optimised bass equalization,
- introduction of a practical position of the bass depth switch for the implementer, with simultaneous signalling of the "clipping" effect placed on the front under the logo graphics,
- a number of improvements and changes to the electronics in terms of electrical, mechanical and acoustic design, as well as in terms of repeatability and reliability.

The Klasik 2020, like its predecessor is addressed mainly to music and sound enthusiasts who require quality and reliability from the tools they use. Klasik 2020 makes it much easier and faster to work on sound material and makes it much more enjoyable.
We offer you advanced active studio monitor - Klasik 2020 and we are sure that it will open the way to even greater satisfaction with the effects of your creative work.


Klasik 2020 is available only in black natural wooden finish.