Our Passion for Sound

APS was founded in 2006 by a world-renowned loudspeaker designer, an audiophile and businessperson, and an engineer/producer with a shared passion for sound. Their vision was to create a new standard for audio reference monitors… enabling producers, engineers, and musicians to experience their creative work with greater precision, detail, and soul.

Today, APS monitors are trusted by audio professionals in 40 countries across the globe.

The Genius

Grzegorz (“Greg”) Matusiak, PhD AES is the mastermind behind the APS sound. With technical papers published by both the Audio Engineering Society and European Acoustics Association, Greg is a globally-recognized authority on loudspeaker technology and holds patents for both component and enclosure designs. His groundbreaking innovations are at the heart of every APS product.

The Visionary

Rajmund Stodolny is the driving force behind APS. As an experienced business leader and an enthusiastic audiophile, Raymond has both the skill and the passion to make APS go… from speaker design concepts to sales to manufacturing to our unparalleled quality control and service.

The Advocate

Co-founder Kris Gorski is a working producer, engineer, and composer; and the owner of AudioPlanet Studios in Koleczkowo, Poland. With 20 years as an audio professional, Kris brings the pro’s perspective to speaker design and supports APS users—making sure our innovative systems deliver unsurpassed real-world performance in studios across the globe.

We’re Different

Along with a supporting cast of production managers and technicians; Greg, Rajmund, and Kris have created a different kind of pro audio company.

What makes APS different?
– Sound is our passion
– We set design and production standards others can’t match
– We use our own products every day
– We offer unique, custom finishes on every product we make
– We’re here for you