COAX 2 is first and foremost – a point sound source, full control, naturalness, precise localization of vocals and instruments. It is a reliable device for the realization of sound in the near field. Coax 2 is an extreme precision, universal tool that significantly facilitates the work of experienced sound engineers.

The unique technologies developed by APS, used in all current monitor models, take the work of sound engineers to a higher level. Thanks to the quality and precision of sound reproduced by APS monitors, the work of the sound engineer becomes more pleasant and the desired effect is much easier to achieve.

The sound quality of our products is something that distinguishes APS from others pro audio manufacturers in the world.

Single point sound source with coaxial driver

Closed cabinet for precise and punchy low end

Perfect stereo image

Precisely calibrated and matched pairs


Technologies of COAX 2:


APS STAGETM Technology
Paired Monitors with APS Accuracy of: ± 0.25 dB


Coaxial Driver
Horn Tweeter
Closed Box Loudspeaker


Midwoofer: PP/TPX Based Cone & Concave Surround
Tweeter: Precoated Fabric Dome


Midwoofer: Stiff Injected Metal


Midwoofer: Large Magnet System
Tweeter: Magnet System Integrates with the Midwoofer


Power Amplifiers: Natural Sound DMOS Power Stage Technology
Power Supply: Powerful Toroidal Transformer


Precision Resistor Ladder & Switch


Amplifier Clipping LED


COAX 2 is available in black natural wooden finish. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.


What these awesome people have to say!

I love my little yellow APS, always good to check music on them to be sure. I love them as a second opinion, use them every day.

Robert Babicz

Producer, mastering engineer

Coax truly be called a surgical instrument - the slightest response immediately starts to itch over the ear and makes us work even harder to remove all unwanted frequencies from instruments in mix.

Oleg Yershov

Yorshoff - Founder

When composing or mixing my work I always put a great importance in stereo image and perfect reflection of ambience's - APS Coax gave me all I need.

Mack Górski

Drummer and Composer