Klasik 2020 in campaign for SOS Awards 2022

We are proud do announce that Klasik 2020 has been nominated for Sound On Sound magazine’s annual readers’ poll, the SOS Awards, in the Studio Monitors category, competing head to head with some of the greatest pro audio brands, and actively campaigning for victory in this prestigious contest.

With advantages such as class A/B power stage, fully analogue signal path, superb phase coherence and soundstage positioning thanks to APS’s proprietary STAGE technology, custom-made woofer, European manufacturing and hand-picked pairing, Klasik 2020 firmly stands its ground against fierce SOS Awards competition, while its affordable price makes it a true people’s choice!

To place your votes on APS Klasik 2020 (you will find it in the Studio Monitor category on page 3 of the poll) among other musical equipment in several different categories, please go to: https://www.soundonsound.com/sos-awards/sos-awards-2022-vote-now


Thank you for all your support!