Klasik 2020 new and improved active studio monitors

We are happy to present the new and improved Klasik 2020!
Klasik’s history began in early 2015 when we presented active studio monitor called Klasik, which quickly began to appear in recording studios and home recording systems around the world, setting quality standards for near-field monitors available at a reasonable price.
Klasik became the basic working tool for a huge group of sound engineers, who shared their experience and insights into the product with us.
We decided to use the gathered knowledge and after five years of Klasik’s presence in our offer it was time for a change. For 12 months we worked on its new, improved version – Klasik 2020. The result of our cooperation with users is very satisfactory. We have developed active studio monitor which is a development of the concept contained in the Klasik – uncompromising sound quality available at a reasonable price.
If you want to know more, please visit our product page Klasik 2020

Aeon 2 is here!

The new APS Germano Acoustics AEON II gives music lovers a new, accurate active nearfield monitor designed for today’s modern production needs – a monitoring system that we are proud to introduce to our friends around the world.

The concept of developing a superior, self-powered near field monitor came to fruition after listening to the impressive APS AEON’s during the course of 2015. Germano Studios initially utilized the AEON’s for 5.1 surround mixing with the APS SUB 10 subwoofer. As a result of our feeling that the skills and experience of Germano Studios combined with APS’s years of sound excellence could be used to develop a superior, sonically transparent active 2-way nearfield monitor, the APS Germano Acoustics AEON II was born. This was an opportunity to design a smooth sounding speaker that all of our clients crave, that translates accurately from system-to- system. Active nearfield monitors that did not need a subwoofer and could again co-exist with top brands within any recording facility or listening environment. We believe that we have achieved this with the release of the AEON II, after 18 months of development.

New APS monitors – Klasik

We are proud to introduce our new studio monitor – KLASIK. Our goal was to offer you a precise, high-end tool for mastering and music production at a very reasonable price. If you are thinking of buying a pair of near-field monitors, give it a shot! We are sure it will be the bull’s eye for you!